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Tinnitus Evaluation & Therapy Services

Many people perceive a sound frequently described as a humming, buzzing, pulsing, hissing, or ringing in their head or ears called tinnitus. This phantom auditory perception is a sound with no external source that is sometimes caused by noise exposure or hearing loss. Castle Rock Ear Associates offers tinnitus evaluation and therapy services for patients who wish to treat their tinnitus. We perform thorough tinnitus and hearing assessment tests to assess your tinnitus, paired with a medical examination. Dr. Hegarty will look for a physiological cause and/or environmental triggers, of your tinnitus, while our audiological staff provides a habituation-based therapy program. We use the most researched and successful treatment for tinnitus called Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). This therapy includes counseling and habituation to retrain your brain’s perception of tinnitus. The majority of our patients achieve relief from their tinnitus, hyperacusis and/or misophonia using this therapy method.

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Relief From Ringing, Buzzing, & Other Sounds

If you experience any sounds like buzzing, ringing, whirring, hissing, or roaring in your ears due to tinnitus, our team at Castle Rock Ear Associates can help you. We have audiology doctors with training in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) from a world-renowned tinnitus expert. This therapy is highly successful, with over 85% of patients finding relief from tinnitus and other sound sensitivities. So you don’t have to suffer any longer. Contact us to let our Doctors of Audiology treat your condition to alleviate the symptoms.

Tinnitus Therapy in Castle Rock

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