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Implantable Hearing Solutions

For patients with severe hearing loss and deafness implantable hearing devices may be the best treatment option. Castle Rock Ear Associates offers the latest implantable device options, for both cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids. Dr. Hegarty will perform an outpatient surgical procedure followed by activation with one of our Doctors of Audiology. Please contact our office to schedule an assessment if you think you may be a candidate for this implantable technology.

Cochlear Implants
Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are designed to help patients with profound hearing loss by electrically stimulating the inner ear’s natural hearing function. An implant has two components, which include the internal implant and the external sound processor. These components work together to bypass the damaged portion of the ear and deliver sound directly to the hearing nerve. Dr. Hegarty performs surgery to place an electrode directly to a patient’s cochlea. Shortly after the outpatient surgery our audiologists then activate and program the implant. Additionally, they help with the learning process as clients relearn how to hear using the cochlear implant. Castle Rock Ear Associates recommends our clients consider the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Implant System.

Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids
Bone Conduction Implants

Castle Rock Ear Associates recommends bone-anchored hearing aids for patients with single-sided deafness or conductive hearing loss. These hearing devices work by transferring sound vibrations through the bone to the patient’s cochlea allowing them to hear without sound having to travel through the damaged middle or outer ear. The device is placed on the bone behind your ear, and a connective abutment is surgically implanted by Dr. Hegarty. The team at Castle Rock Ear Associates recommends the Cochlear™ Baha® System. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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